Villecroze – Caves

Formed 700,000 years ago at the end of the last ice age, the caves are the result of a slow calcification of plants and mosses by an immense waterfall that covered the whole of the current cliff. The tufa rock that formed, is basically fossilized plant material.

The caves and a large part of the fields around the village belonged to the Benedictine monks of the abbey Saint-Victor of Marseille. They had a priory then installed near the chapel of Saint Victor (adjacent to the current cemetery) and used the caves, still in their natural state, as places of refuge in case of raids by the Saracens in the 10th century.

Grotte de Villecroze, Var, France

In 1566, work was done to fortify the site and to use its impregnable position. However, there was never a siege and no one has ever lived permanently in the caves.

Grotte de Villecroze
Grotte de Villecroze



Admission: 4 €
Free for children under 12
From 10 people: 3 € per person


Grottes de Villecroze Opening Hours 2017
Grottes de Villecroze Opening Hours 2017

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